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The Highlights of Studying Abroad in Yamagata

We asked students who are studying abroad in Yamagata Precture about what they think are the good things about studying abroad in Yamagata. Here is what they had to say.

We asked 62 study abroad students to give us their TOP 10 things they like about studying abroad in Yamagata.

#1 Yamagata has attractive universities, schools, and fields of research fields.

Chose to study from a wide range of fields, such as culture, science, medicine, engineering, agriculture, art, wellfare, education, public interest, international studies, ICT and AI.

#2 Low cost to study abroad

The cost of living and tuition is less expensive compared to the Tokyo Metorpolitian area.

The average expenses for foreign students studying at institutions of higher education is 183,000 yen per month in Tokyo and 139,000 yen per month in the Tohoku region, which is 44,000 yen per month or 528,000 yen per year cheaper in the Tohoku region.

(Citation: Independent Administrative Institution Japan Student Services Organization “Summary of the Survey on the Living Conditions of Privately Financed International Students”)

Yamagata Prefecture also has its own scholarship system, offering scholarships of 20,000 yen per month, or 240,000 yen per year, to privately-funded international students who wish to work in the prefecture. (Information from the 2023 fiscal year)

#3 Rich in nature

You can feel the beauty of the cherry blossoms, fresh green, autumn leaves, snow, mountains, and rice fields through each season. The area is roughly 70% forest, which made Yamagata the #1 prefecture with the cleanest air for four years (2016~2019) .

※Based on the Environmental Observatory of the National Environmental Research Institute, “Monitoring Data for Air Pollution” Yamagata Prefecture Water and Atomospheric Environment Division summary.

#4 The people are kind.

Yamagata has a lot of nice, warm-hearted people. This isn’t something just the study abroad students and tourist say, Japanese people who moved to Yamagata also say that, “the people in Yamagata are kind.”

#5 Feel close to Japanese history and culture

Yamagata is a place where traditional Japanese culture is alive. You can experience traditional crafts and events, spiritual culture, culture carried by the Mogami River, and regional and seasonal culture.
In fact, many international students participate as dancers in the Yamagata Hanagasa Festival held every August.

#6 There are few international students.

Compared to other prefectures, Yamagata has the loswest amount of study abroad students, with only about 300 students.

#7 Saftey

Yamagata doesn’t have a lot of crime, so you can rest assured and live safely here. Yamagata Prefecture is ranks 6th in the country for the places with the least crime (Yamagata Prefecture has about 3.04 cases, Tokyo has about 7.52 cases) .

(From the 2022 Statistics Bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications “Social Life Statistics Indicators – Prefectural Indicators”)

#8 Improvement of Japanese ability

There is a lot of opportunities to use Japanese as there are few international students. You’ll have a lot interactions with Japanese students and teachers, and the locals. It’s the perfect environment to improve your Japanese ability.

#9 The food is amazing.

You can savor all kinds of seasonal foods grown in the prefecture like delicious rice, meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits. Yamagata is also famous for delicious Ramen and Soba noodle, and Imoni Stew (a local dish of Yamagata).

#10 Have fun with winter sports

It snows a lot when it’s winter in Yamagata Prefecture, turning the surroundings white and displaying a beautiful winter wonderland. You can reach Zao Hot Springs Ski Resort from Yamagata Station in 30 minutes and ski along side the rare, and world famous, Snow Monsters.

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We asked previous study abroad students why they chose Yamagata, and what their daily lives are like attending university/working part-time jobs here.

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