Work in Yamagata

Want to Work in Yamagata?

We asked some former students who are working in the prefecture why people should work in Yamagata Prefecture and not in the greater Tokyo area.

Yamagata Prefecture Business Site Visit Bus Tours

There will be business site visit bus tours for students studying abroad in Yamagata Prefecture.

<2023 Information>

【1st Session】Tuesday, August 8, 2023 Destination: Metri Co., Fujikura Denso Co., Ltd. and Yonezawa Plant of Maxell Frontier Co.

【2nd Session】Wednesday, September 20, 2023 ESPAC Corporation, Micron Precision Co.

【3rd Session】Thursday, September 21, 2023 Suzuki High-Tech Corporation, Yamamoto Manufacturing Co.


Prefecture Business Information

We provide information on employment related events and internships on the Yamagata Prefecture operated “Yamagata Prefecture Employment Information Site.” (This site is not only for study abroad students)

○Yamagata Prefecture Job Search Website Top Page

○Yamagata Prefecture Job Search Website ” List of Businesses that Has Employed International Students

Words from Workers and Companies

Interviews with former study abroad students working in Yamagata!
We asked former study abroad students why they chose to work in Yamagata, and what living and working in Yamagata is like.