Let's study abroad in Yamagata!

There are a variety of reasons why Yamagata makes a great place to study abroad.
The history, the nature, the people, the jobs...all of these make a great environment for studying abroad.

  • STUDY in Yamagata

    Learn in Yamagata

    Here you'll find information about Yamagata's institutions that will enrich your study abroad experience. Here in Yamagata, we will support you from finding a school, all the until even after you graduate. Hear from some past study abroad students as well.

  • LIVING in Yamagata

    Live in Yamagata

    What is Yamagata like? Here you'll find daily life information helpful for studying abroad in Yamagata! From finding housing, to calculating living costs, this is the one-stop-shop to get all of your questions answered.

  • WORK in Yamagata

    Work in Yamagata

    Take a look at information about business info sessions and internships in Yamagata. You can also hear from former study abroad students who are currently employed in Yamagata.

  • ENJOY in Yamagata

    Have Fun in Yamagata

    There are so many ways to enjoy each season in nature-rich Yamagata, such as traveling, going to events, eating delicious food, and partaking in sports. Come live/work in Yamagata, and have fun with your new friends along the way!


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