Have Fun in Yamagata

Enjoy Yamagata while Studying Abroad!

With sightseeing, traditional events, food, sports, and hot springs, there’s many ways to have fun season by season in Yamagata Prefecture, which is full of nature. Each shcool and region has are many opportunities to expose yourself to the local culture and interact with Japansese people.

We talked to the Yamagata Study Abroad Ambassadors


On my off days, I go running, sew, or make cookies.  I go running so I can look at the beautiful scenary, but I entered a local marathon and got 5th place! Participating of my university research class’ flower viewing and imoni party, and the events at the Yonezawa City Association for International Relations has been fulfilling.   


I enjoy café hopping with my friends, learning about Japansese food, and traveling the prefecture on my off days. I have a TikTok (@corincaroline) about life in Yamagata and studying abroad. I made a lot of connections with people through the Japanese classes and various events at the Tsuruoka City Dewa Shonai Kokusai Mura (Tsuruoka City International Relations Center). 


There are so many hot springs in Yamagata where you can relax. There are a plethera of opportunities to experience culture and interact with Japanese people through the university organized social events, tea ceremony experience, cherry picking, and Imoni party. Last year I was able to participate in the Yamagata Hanagata Festival, one of the four major Tohoku festivals, where I got to wear a yukata and dance while holding a hanagasa. It was percious experience. 

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  • Yamagata has many great spots for everyone.


The story of Yamagata’s Scenery

  • There are many towns and natural features where the scenery is beautiful enough to move peope.