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Professional Training College YAMAGATA V.COLLEGE

Professional Training College YAMAGATA V.COLLEGE

Vocational school where you can learn the skills that you will need for the job that you would like to do
Yamagata V. College is a two-year specialized school with 7 programs and 13 courses in areas such as construction, information, medicine, and fashion. The plus of Yamagata V. College is that it is a school that has the MEXT Minister's certified work application specialized course. Through connections with companies and businesses, students can get the real skills that they need for working before they get a job via hands-on learning.
AI/Information Systems Course
Aiming to be a computer specialist, our silent hero

In the AI/Information Systems Course, students are provided with the opportunity to become skilled in the development of computer systems, the core of our businesses and the basis of our society. Students will learn practical skills, such as the basic skills and knowledge necessary for data processing, the process and technique for developing systems, and planning distribution of roles for projects. Additionally, students will master multiple programming lagnuages, aim to be able to understand the methods of writing structually easy-to-read programs with knowledge on shared methods. Other than this, there are also curricula for those aiming to take the standardized basic information processing and skills test, and those looking to acquire skills related to AI.
ICT Create Course
Give shape to your ideas! Send the shape out to the world!

The ICT Create Course is part of the work application specialized course (MEXT Minister certified). In the first year, students acquire creativity and design skills, and learn how to use design software necessary in the field, such as Illustrator and Photoshop. In the second year, students branch out and use various design software together, go from the second dimension to the third dimension, and work to become specialists that can turn analog to digital. As a part of the curriculum, student have a meeting with businesses twice per year, and develop contents in response to the request of the companies. Starting in the 2022 school year, students will also learn to use Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media sites so as to be able to contribute to companies and businesses. Also, there are classes for those looking to take information techonology license tests, and curricula for those entering in competitions or aiming to take a certification test. The fact that students are able to learn about things like that will be useful in their future careers design, the web, and social media from teachers active in the field, and get hands-on experience while still being a student is a plus.
Japanese Language Course (Starting April 2024)
Aim to Continue Education in Japan and Gain Comprehensive Japanese Language Skills!

In the Japanese Language Department, students can systematically learn the Japanese language required to enter Japanese universities and vocational schools. In the beginners class, students will start by studying hiragara, katakana, greetings, then focus kanji and grammer with everyday conversation. In the intermediate class, students will develop their ability to use Japanese at school or work. Students will also learn reading and listening comprehension so that they can understand more advanced and specialized Japanese. And through interacting with the locals and other cultural experiences unique to our school, students will learn how to interact with Japansese people and their manners.