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Tohoku University of Community Service and Science

Tohoku University of Community Service and Science

Japan's one and only public trust university
Tohoku University of Community Service and Science consist only of the Faculty of Community Service, Community Service Program, in which there are six courses to choose from: administration course, policy course, regional welfare course, international liberal studies course, tourism/community development course, and media information course. Here, we educate those who have a global mindset, and who work with those in their communities as bold leaders in the face of local economic, political, and welfare issues, right in the heart of the Shonai region surrounded by the ocean, mountains, and plains. Offerings such as interdisciplinary learning and data science education, as well as short term and mid-long term exchange programs set us apart from the rest. (as of January 24th, 2022)
Administration Course
Training the next businesspeople who will take on the development of local insdustries with the public good in mind

1. Learn the logic needed to understand business actity
2. Hone the skills to be used in real life in small group learning
3. Become a person who is able to show their creativity and mindset for public good
Policy Course
Educating those who work to solve problems of the locality through policy

1. Learn about policy, law, governance, and politics
2. Acquire a variety of specialized knowledge, and hone your problem solving skills through practice
3. Seek to become a public servant, or a businessperson who has knowledge in policy, law, governance, and politics
Regional Welfare Course
Educating those who manage and create the structures of regional welfare

1. Learn comprehensively about social welfare
2. Work on real life social welfare issues
3. Find welfare issues locally, and work together to solve them with others
International Liberal Studies Course
Connecting local to global, promoting exchange
Bringing up the region's internationalization promoters

1. Learn foreign languages, as well as the history, culture, and economic situation of the related countries
2. Participate in a short-to-long term exchange and put your language skills to the test
3. Become an integral part of the advancement of internationalization with your new language skills in hand
Tourism/Community Development Course
Educating the carriers of community development and those who create the tourism exchange industry

1. Learn how to bring about desirable community development
2. Get hands on experience by using your locality as your field"
Media Information Course
Educating those who make use of their global and local connections through information technology

1. Learn the basics of information beneficial to the public and how to inform people of this information
2. Analyze different types of data and acquire skills needed for problem solving
3. Become a person who uses their global and local connections through information technology