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Tohoku Bunkyo College・Tohoku Bunkyo Junior College

Tohoku Bunkyo College・Tohoku Bunkyo Junior College

Private university with strengths in the fields of education, childcare, and welfare
Founded on the morals of "respect, love, honesty," this university has seen over 17,000 graduates until now. At Tohoku Bunkyo College, there are two courses: the Human Sciences Department Children's Education Course, and the Human Relations Course, as well as a special study course for study abroad students. At Tohoku Bunkyo Junior College, there is the Children's Course and the Modern Welfare Course. While studying in a specialized course, learn about three stages from infancy, early childhood, youth, adulthood, and seniority, and make an earnest contribution to local society.
Human Sciences Department, Human Sciences Course
Understand others, and create richer social bonds

As good human relations become more sought after in our society, the importance of "understanding humans" has come into focus once again. In the human sciences course, you will choose from "comprehensive psychology," "welfare management," or "glocal communication" as your focus, and become a person with the power to understand others in other to build a society with better human connections. Additionally, you will be able to respond to problems as our society becomes more diverse and complex.
Human Sciences Department, Study Abroad Student Special Course
1-year Japanese course for study abroad students who will continue on to university

The curriculum of the study abroad special course aims for the comprehensive advancement of Japanese abilities for each student. Also, there is a program for learning Japanese through music, theather ("Learning Japanese through Music," "Learning Japanese through Theater") and other specific facets. Past students of this course and these classes have gone on to the university of their choice, returned to their home countries to work in jobs related to Japan, and found jobs in Japan, using the Japanese that they learned here in a variety of ways.
Tohoku Bunkyo Junior College Children's Course
Become a nursery teacher who walks alongside the children

In the Children's Course, we aim for the development of people with comprehensive and hands-on skills in the field of nursing and education, as well as humanity and sociability, in order to bring up the children of the future. In order for students to "become a nursery teacher who walks alongside the children" in two years, this course is planned in steps including both lecture and application.
Tohoku Bunkyo Junior College Modern Welfare Course
Apply knowledge of welfare, and become a person who is active in a wide range of areas of society

In the modern welfare course, we aim to train high quality welfare workers and nurses who can carry out specialized care for those who need assistance in their daily lives, as weell as those who contribute to numerous fields including business, medical, elderly and nursing care, and at-home care, in ordere to meet the needs of the ever-diversifying world.