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Looking for 2023 Yamagata Study Abroad Ambassadors!

※The application is closed. (June 6,2023)

 Yamagata Prefecture offers the “Yamagata International Exchange Program” for international and Japanese students enrolled in institutions of higher education in Yamagata Prefecture to promote the appeal of Yamagata Prefecture and study-abroad life in Japan and abroad.


(1) To increase the awareness of Study in Yamagata and encourage more students to choose Yamagata Prefecture as their study abroad destination by showing what Yamagata Prefecture has to offer, schools, and study abroad life to students in Japan and abroad.
(2) To have the ambassadors themselves rediscover what Yamagata Prefecture has to offer by posting information and become fans of Yamagata Prefecture.


(1)Active Period

June 2023 – March 2024


① Participation in the Ambassador Inauguration Ceremony (June) and Activity Debriefing (March), etc. (transportation expenses will be provided)
 ※The inauguration ceremony and activity debriefing will be held face-to-face in a conference room at the Yamagata Prefectural Government Office.
② Post on social media and study abroad portal sites.
③ Planning and participation in the Yamagata Attraction Experience Bus Tour (in principle, no fee is charged for participation in the tour)


(1) Application Period

Until Wednesday, June 7, 2023

(2) Number of Applicants

The maximum number of foreigner and Japanese applicants is about 20 people.

*If there are many applications, we will consider the motivation for application and the balance of nationalities.

(3) Application Qualifications

Must meet the conditions stated below
① must be a student attending a institute of higer education in Yamagata Prefecture
② must be willing to post about the highlights of Yamagata Prefecture and study abroad life
③ must be willing to interact with other students and local residents
④ unless there are unavoidable circumstances, they must be able to participate in the Ambassador’s Inaguration Ceremony and activity report meeting

(4) How to apply

Yamagata Study Abroad Ambassador Application Form.

Go to the “Yamagata eApplication page” and submit the required items.

(5) Application notice

We will send a notice by Friday, June 9, 2023.


(1) Notes

There is no reward from the prefecture for becoming Ambassarod.

(2) Person in charge

Yamagata Prefectural Government Office