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※Registration Closed※ 【Looking for Participants】Yamagata Attraction Experience Bus Tour Saturday, February 17.

Since the tour capacity has been reached, the registration has been closed (updated January 30th)

Yamagata Prefecture will offer a free bus tour for international students enrolled in universities and vocational schools in Yamagata Prefecture to experience what makes Yamagata special as follows. Applications will close when the number of participants reaches the maximum capacity, so please apply as soon as possible.

1. Outline

・This is a one day bus tour for international students who are studying abroad in Yamagata Prefectre to experience what makes Yamagata special ・This bus tour is free. (the tour includes meals, experiences, entrance tickets, and travel insurance) *Participants will need to pay for their own way from their house to the meeting place and from the departure place to their house.

2. Participation Conditions

Those who meet the following condtions in 1~4 can participate.

1. International resident who is studying abroad at universities or volcational schools in Yamagata Prefecture.

2. Someone who will post the tour contents (the food you ate, the sights you saw, etc.) on their social media.

3. Someone who will take the survey about the tour

4. Someone who doesn’t mind appearing on T.V. or newspapers and the Yamagata Prefecture website.

3. Tour Details

<Date> Saturday, February 17

 <Limit> 15 people

<Operation Company> Yamako Kanko Coporation 


7:45Meet at Yonezawa Station East Exit
9:00Meet at Yamagata Station East Exit
9:45~10:30Strawberry Farm・Strawberry Picking (Sagae City)
11:45~13:00Mogami River Cruise・Lunch and Imoni on the Boat (Tozawa Village)
14:00~15:30Shinjo Higashiyamaga Yaki・Ceramic-making Experience (Shinjo City)
16:40~17:20Walk around Ginzan Onsen (Obanazawa City)
18:40頃Dismissal at Yamagata Station East Exit
19:45頃Dismissal at Yonezawa Station East Exit

4. How to Register

Please send the following information to (Replace “#” with “@”.)

1. Name

2. Name in Katakana

3. Phone number

4. Address

5. School name, department, and major

6. Birth date, age

7. Nationality

8. Sex

9. Allergies or foods you can’t eat due to religious reasons (please write in detail)

5. Contact information

Yamagata Prefeture Human Resources Development and Convention Promotion Support Division

Phone: 023-630-2129 (Contact Personnel: Kato)